1. Dangerous Goods    Dangerous Goods (Dangerous Goods, referred to DG), whichis explosive, flammable, toxic, corrosive, radioactive and other properties in the

transportation, handling

transportation, handling, storage and supervision, likely to cause personal injury and property damage and needs special protection, are called dangerous goods


Classification of dangerous goods:

Dangerous goods is classified into nine categories:

First: Explosives (fireworks, firecrackers, etc.)

Second: Compressed and liquefied gases (air fresheners, lighters, pesticides, paint, refrigerant, carbon dioxide, etc.)

Third: Flammable liquids (paints, thinners, acetone, industrial glue, methanol, epoxy, adhesives, etc.)

Fourth: Flammable solids, spontaneous combustion and flammable when wet (matches, charcoal, ferrosilicon, red phosphorus, sulfur, phosphorus, etc.)

Fifth: Oxidizers and organic peroxides (potassium, chromium trioxide, hydrogen peroxide, urea peroxide, methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide, etc.)

Sixth: Toxic and infectious substances (pesticides, etc.)

Seventh: Radioactive materials (metals, commercial end medical equipment)

Eighth: Corrosion products (phosphoric acid, nitrous acid, hydrofluoric acid, batteries, mercury, etc.)

Ninth: Miscellaneous (lithium battery, sulfuric acid Tong, etc.)

2. Special Containers OOG special containers (OUT OF GAUGE) refer to except ordinary dry goods containers, other special containers can be used to load for the special requirements for packagingduring transport. Its specificity is mainly reflected in the refrigeratorfunction,that is Refrigerated Containers [(REEFER CONTAINER, RF container)}; that can be connected by open-top containers (OPEN-TOP CONTAINER, OT container) for ultra goods, that is Open- top Container]; that can be connected by framework container (PLATFORM BASED CONTAINER) for ultra wide and high goods; livestock function [cattle container can be connected (PEN CONTAINER)}; that can be connected by tank container (TANK CONTAINER, TK container)}for a variety of liquids; that can be connected by car container (CAR CONTAINER)}for vehicles; that can be connected by [DRESSHANGER CONTAINER] for clothing; that can be connected by [FLATRACK CONTAINER flat container, frame container] for large equipments, and other special containers, any of the above are generally called special containers.